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Bands and people into the genre Ska are not known for taking themselves seriously, and this song makes that perfectly clear :-)
Combine Russian with Ska, and you have something quite remarkable. A not-so-subtle commentary on marijuana. This is probably the perfect party music, especially if you're feeling boisterous! This song comes off the album "Kasatchok Superstar". I'm going to try to upload the cover artwork here as it can be very difficult to find. Let the party begin!
From the 2007 album, "24 Rosas". Every once in a while, one runs across an album which is just astounding from beginning to end. If you are a romantic and enjoy flamenco / copla this disc would be worth picking up. For now, enjoy Ave María. Released: 2007
Label: Warner
Genre: Copla / Flamenco
Country: Spain
The Dixie Cups released their iconic version of the song in 1964. There have been many versions of the song, both before and after, but for me this is the definitive one.
This is a cover of the classic Deep Purple song " Space Truckin " by the metal band Tesla from the CD "Real to Reel" which is entirely made up of cover songs. Speaking personally, I think it is better than the original. This entire album demonstrates how talented the band is. Each song is immediately recognizable and yet truly Tesla. If metal is your thing you will definitely want to check this music out.
Label: Tesla Electric Company Recordings. Released: June 5, 2007
The tune was first recorded in the days of 78 rpm records. This particular version of the song, the YouTube version is not exact, is part of a two CD set of songs transferred from the original albums. It is remarkable, considering the technology of the time, how clear and lively the music is. Here is the collection information:
Tito Puente - The Complete 78S Vol 1 (1949-51)
Audio CD (August 12, 2008)
Label: Fania
Okay, Ghostwriters in the Sky covered by the instrumental group The Ventures, is not rare by any means. It is however, one of those fun songs in a "YIPPIE-HI-HOO" kind of way. I believe the ventures will be this cover in 1961.
Probably one of the most powerful songs done by Jimmy Cliff. The Vietnam War lasted from November 1, 1955 to April 30, 1975.